Video Sculpture: MICRO::COSMO

digital fabrication, generative, video art, video sculpture

“Am I looking through a microscope or telescope?” MICRO::COSMO is a tribute to the innate human desire to observe and understand the complexities of our natural environment. This series of video sculptures challenges the audience to experience a generative world built on the principles that define microscopic and cosmological existence. Artistic representations of mitosis, genetic inheritance, and exocytosis (microscopic) are juxtaposed with gravitational force, super-nova, and blackholes (cosmological) as a means of examining perspective in a complex existence. The title is an homage to Sebastian Münster’s (1488–1552) Cosmographia and Robert Hooke’s (1635 – 1703) Micrographia.

MICRO::COSMO video sculptures from casey farina on Vimeo.