generative, music composition, performance, projection

An excerpt from my performance at the Phoenix Experimental Arts Festival at PVCC. Thanks to Chris Scinto and the entire X fest staff.

Uncertain, Indeterminate, Unknown

1. An infinite universe that consists of a finite variety of components must contain infinite instances of repetition and variation.
2. Quantum indeterminacy establishes that an outcome can be characterized by a series of probability distributions.
3. The existence of an advanced ancestor civilization increases the probability that the number of simulated universes exceeds the number of “actual” universes.

This piece is an improvised orchestration of my digitally archived existence in a simulated, proposed multi-verse. The performance becomes an exploration of possible temporal paths calling into question the legitimacy of existence. The existential integrity of these paths is challenged by exposing the glitches in the underlying simulation in an attempt to process the daunting cosmic implications of divergent and/or simulated realities.

Uncertain.Indeterminate.Unknown from casey farina on Vimeo.