Bitsmoke – animated graphic score

animated notation, music composition, performance

Bitsmoke – An animated graphic score for a quartet of indeterminate instrumentation

Bitsmoke is an experiment in the limits of graphic notation. Graphic notation and graphic scores have allowed composers to convey abstract concepts through gesture, behavior, and representation as an invented symbolic language. In the spirit of John Cage, Morton Feldman, Earl Brown, and Vinko Globokar, the animated graphic representation implemented in the Bitsmoke graphic score attempts a dynamic new notation system presented as a moving image.

Each performer interprets one quadrant of the screen space. Holding to somewhat traditional notation concepts, the score was generated without color. The sound and image are designed as a collaborative form of sound generation and musical communication.

The only instructions for the performers in addition to the animated graphic score are:

White = Sound
Black = Silence

The Bitsmoke Graphic Score has been performed by:

Third Coast Percussion Quartet

David Skidmore
Peter Martin
Robert Dillon
Owen Clayton Condon